The first step to buying a house is to decorate it your way. Your home should reflect your personality and your taste. It is an accumulation of everything that you impersonate. Therefore, bringing your vision to your house in the best way possible is essential. And to do this, getting yourself a home interior designer is a great choice. Not only do they have that education for it, but they are professionals and have the expertise to change any space. Interior designers are proficient and have an eye for detail. They incorporate all your requirements to reflect your unique personality on your walls. This accentuates the decor, making your house feel like home. Designers at Livibi are experts in bringing your dreams to reality, changing a space into an abode of your personality. 

In addition to the above factors, there are multiple things you need to check. Home renovation is a huge task and takes considerable finances. Make a budget about the same and try to stick to it. Often, we fail to realise the finances that go into decorating your home. Though you will overstep the budget, keeping one helps marginalise the expense. Additionally, it is much better to opt for a home interior decorator rather than spend money on decor mistakes. These professionals ensure your home looks perfect within your budget. 

Know Your Preferences

Social media, your friend’s home or that quaint cafe at the end of the street might give you all the decor inspiration you need for your home. However, your space is much different than those, and it is vital to know which elements will look good and complement the room. Therefore, knowing your preferences regarding the style, colour palette, budget, requirements and a definite timeline of the process is essential. 

  • Set up a consultation with your interior decorator based on what style you are looking for. Make sure you mention all your requirements and preferences. 
  • Draw a budget with the home interior decorator. This will significantly help your finances, and you can invest the remaining money in other parts of your home. 
  • Opt for an office visit for the first time rather than them visiting your home. You can check the company and its credibility and create mood boards for your home with their supplies. 
  • Ensure that you carry all the images, videos or social media posts with you when you go to them. Not to mention, don’t forget your home pictures. This will help them figure out what goes best at your home. 
  • Click pictures of your home when it is the brightest under the natural light setting. This will help the designer figure out a complementary style for your house. 

Site Visit

A proper site visit is essential for a multitude of factors. Everything can be assessed once you physically visit the area, from property measurement to condition. Some significant reasons for property site visits are-

  • You can determine the present condition of the property personally. This can help make a note of all the repairs that need to be done in that area. These preliminary repairs are essential before the actual design begins so that it has a solid foundation. 
  • If you are renovating an old building, it is important to note the present condition of the building post its exposure to the environmental elements. You can figure out which walls you need to tear off or which ones you can keep. 
  • Site survey saves a lot of time which goes into post-repair after the design is done. If the property is repaired well, the actual design gets a strong backbone and significantly reduces build time. 
  • Once the client approves the design, the home interior designer gives a 3D view of the layout. This finalises the client’s layout for the room, and the construction can start quickly. 

Authentic Businesses

We can safely say that interior design takes a lot of money, time and effort. These resources are important as a lot goes behind making a dream home. Therefore, finding your ideal decorator can be a lifesaver. However, finding a perfect designer is not as simple as it sounds. Family references or magazines often help you decide on the interior decorator you want to hire. Even then, finding an authentic business can be difficult as a lot of people open fraudulent companies in this sector. 

Here is how you can determine if the company is genuine-

  • Ensure that a formal process is written for the client to maintain a protocol for the work. This includes the cost, timeline and other major factors. 
  • If they are giving away too many free services, it can be a major red flag. So check if their commitments are genuine and realistic. 
  • Small businesses can also be authentic if they are going on for extended periods. Check user reviews on them to determine their authenticity. 
  • Genuine designers have offices with proper staff and supplies that can have a quick client meeting on the spot. This is an excellent way to check if the designer is genuine. 

Companies like Livibi offer premium interior design choices. They are an authentic brand that strives to provide quality services to its clients. These companies go above the client’s needs, ensuring their dream vision comes to life within their budget. These qualities make them a sought-after choice by new homeowners. 


Finding a home interior decorator can be a mammoth task, primarily when so many fraudulent companies exist. Companies like Livibi have extended their services all across Noida. These genuine companies have all attributes required for developing quality services. In addition to building their client’s home within budget, they give excellent design solutions. Their interior decorators take into consideration every aspect of a client’s requirement, from choices, colours, finances and personal preference. Moreover, they keep the client constantly updated on the progress of their home so that they feel connected to the process. This helps in immediate changes and modification, giving excellent interior decor as an end result. 

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